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3F-ELECTRONICS is a Lebanese company established since 1994 essentially located in Beirut. This company was created by brothers each of which is specialized in a field related to the activity of the company:

  1.  Electronics and IT Services

  2.  Education and Training Services

  3. Testing Services

  These brothers started in the electronic field selling televisions, tape recorders, and related audio and video equipment. In the late eighties when video game machines were introduced, they have been among the pioneers in proposing and selling video machines such as SEGA MEGA DRIVE, SUPER NINTENDO, 3DO and NEOGEO in the local market. Later, in the mid nineties, they created the 3F-ELECTRONICS company and extended their activity to Electronics and IT Services, Education and Training Services, and Testing Services.

Electronics and IT Services: the video game machines they introduced to the market were: PLAYSTATION1 by Sony, DREAMCAST by Sega, N64 by Nintendo.With the beginning of the twenty first century new enhanced technology consoles were introduced such as PLAYSTATION2 by Sony, X-BOX by Microsoft, GAMECUBE by Nintendo.Nowadays, 3F-ELECTRONICS is up to date with the latest technology and the best machines in the world. some of the new machines: X-BOX360 by Microsoft and PSP by Sony and the newest consoles: PLAYSTATION3 by Sony, WII by Nintendo  3F-ELECTRONICS are doing their best continuously to serve society in their own way which is the entertainment field through video games, computer games and movies.

IT Services: We provide Services for the company Like Network services, LAN, WAN, and provide companies by CISCO Switches and Routers. Exchange servers , IP Telephony and so many services related to IT.

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